1 Crucial Strategy Your Child Needs to Know for Each of the 7 Tests in Scholarships and Selective School Exams

I do a lot of tutoring for selective school and scholarship tests and our online course packages that cover abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, reading comprehension, maths, creative (narrative writing) and argumentative (persuasive writing) has helped over 1,700 students. But there’s always one thing that sticks out in terms of an overall strategy or tactic for each […]

5 Common Q&A on Written Expression for Selective Schools and Scholarship Tests

In this blog post, I answer 5 common questions that students and parents ask about preparing for the written expression or writing task of the selective schools test and/or scholarship tests. The 5 questions are: How does my child prepare for written expression specifically for Academic Assessment Services, ACER and Edutest Written Expression? Will their criteria differ? How […]

General Ability Test – Beware ‘fake’ figures, check direction and figures aren’t always unique

General ability tests are notoriously difficult (especially those by ACER—one of the main scholarship and selective school exam writers). In this post, I’ll run you through two questions and the things your child should learn from them. Question 1     Question 2     Got the answer? Let’s go through it… With question 1, […]

One Word Makes a Huge Difference In Written Expression (NAPLAN, Selective Tests & Scholarship Tests)

I correct and give feedback to a lot of written expression pieces. Many of the creative writing and argumentative writing pieces are done by students vying for a coveted spot in a selective school or sitting an exam to obtain a hard-to-get scholarship offer. This is one sentence I read recently (and was written by […]

Scholarship Test Areas Your Child Must Ace with Practice Questions & Solutions

Sitting a scholarship test, as many would agree is the most dreaded part of a scholarship application. The exam is hugely competitive with strict time limits in place—as little as 25 minutes is given to write a full essay. Moreover, to be successful in a scholarship test, your child cannot excel in just one area […]

What is the date of the Perth Modern School Test 2017

The dates of the Perth Modern School test can be found through the Department of Education Gifted and Talent Website here: http://det.wa.edu.au/curriculumsupport/giftedandtalented/detcms/school-support-programs/gifted-and-talented/application-information/key-dates.en?cat-id=2058768#toc2 According to the downloaded document, the date of the GAT test is Saturday 11 March 2017 for metropolitan and Bunbury and from 13 to 17 March 2017 for country and regional areas.

How to Ace Written Expression in Scholarship Tests in 2017

Private school scholarship testing season is about to start (February – March) and in scholarship tests, written expression tests how well your child can write: based on a specific genre – usually persuasive/argumentative writing or creative/narratives), in a very short time frame – usually 20-25 minutes for Year 7 scholarships) and, to a specific prompt […]

Scholarship & Selective School Written Expression Examples (Plus 5 Steps to Get Your Writing to this Standard)

In Writing & Reading Club (a weekly writing and reading improvement program), we score essays and provide feedback. Often, people don’t know what high-scoring written expression looks like so that’s what we’re going to show you. Here are 3 top written expression essays we collected that would rank highly in the selective and scholarship exams […]

How to Answer 4 Commons Types of Reading Comprehension Questions (With Reading Strategies)

If you think that studying for a reading comprehension test is similar to studying for a maths test – you’re wrong! Reading skills are very different from mathematics skills so “How do you study for a reading comprehension test EXACTLY?” You can’t really study in the form of “cramming” for a reading comprehension test because […]