Abstract reasoning is often found in entrance exams under different guises such as general ability, cognitive ability and non-verbal reasoning.  For the NSW selective school test, abstract reasoning is tested under general ability.  While the Victorian selective schools test do not test abstract reasoning directly, other exams such as the Protective Services Officer (PSO), Police Exam and Defence Force recruiting exam test this area.

So… what is it?  This test is really about testing your ability to do problem solving and reasoning using imagery.  Generally, verbal reasoning (using words) and numerical reasoning (using numbers) are straightforward, but with abstract reasoning there’s a different dimension of reasoning that is added.  This is because you’re dealing with images meaning:

  • There may be multiple patterns that can be formed though colours,
  • There may be multiple patterns formed with shapes within each other or external to each other,
  • Direction and dimension also form a pattern e.g. is the pattern going clockwise, anti-clockwise etc…

In this section, I’ll put up reasoning tips and tricks from time to time and go through some practice questions.  Get in contact with me on youtube and post a comment or circle me in Google Plus!




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