When & How Should My Child Start Preparing for Selective Tests or Scholarship Exams?

Selective tests such as the Victorian Selective Schools Test, NSW High School Placement Test (HSPT), WA GATE and Brisbane State High School Placement Test and scholarship exams are super competitive so it’s a good idea to have a timeframe of when and how to start preparing your child to sit one of these tests. Below […]

Reading List Over 10 Weeks for Selective School or Scholarship Test Preparation for Year 7 Entry

Reading is a fantastic way to: Build up vocabulary – which helps you for verbal reasoning (part of general ability), reading comprehension and written expression. Model after excellent writing – regular reading of novels by your son and daughter will help them understand and experience first-hand what great writing looks like so that they can […]

What’s the Average Score My Child Should be Achieving in the Selective School Practice Test?

The selective school test, regardless of what state you would be applying for (Victorian Selective School Test, NSW High School Placement Test, Brisbane State High School) is extremely competitive with usually a rate of acceptance of lower than 30% of all total applicants. When practicing for the test then, a common question is what should […]

Writing Study Plans for Creative and Discussion/Argumentative Writing – 21 Weeks

If you’re studying for an exam that has a timed writing component – these are the study plans for you.  There are 2 separate study plans – 1 for creative writing and 1 for discussion and argumentative style writing.  While historically the NSW Selective School Placement Test has tested creative writing (they have 1 writing […]

21 Week Study Plan for Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension requires strategies to deal with each type of extract specifically – what does that mean?  It means that in reading comprehension you’re given all these different types of passages such as narrative, poetry, cartoons and more.  To answer them successfully you need to know about the genre and have a plan that caters […]

22 Week Study Plan for Verbal Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning (included in General Ability)

Abstract reasoning is known by other names such as non-verbal reasoning.  It’s tested in General Ability and you can recognise it by its questions that involve distinctive images like this: Additionally, General Ability also tests numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning.  The former test patterns within numbers and the latter tests patterns in words/letters. Verbal Reasoning […]