Why your child should NOT use “talking marks” or “speech” in scholarship and selective school written expression tests

Does your child write using a lot of speech?  Speech is when you put something into “speech marks” and it shows that someone is saying something. I see this kind of writing when children start preparations for their selective school or scholarship test.  In fact, sometimes I read whole stories that are practically written in […]

When & How Should My Child Start Preparing for Selective Tests or Scholarship Exams?

Selective tests such as the Victorian Selective Schools Test, NSW High School Placement Test (HSPT), WA GATE and Brisbane State High School Placement Test and scholarship exams are super competitive so it’s a good idea to have a timeframe of when and how to start preparing your child to sit one of these tests. Below […]

Students Used These 3 Ingredients To Get Better Writing Scores in IELTS, Selective Schools, Scholarship Exams and NAPLAN…

What are the 3 ingredients to better writing for your exams – NAPLAN, Selective Schools and Scholarships and IELTS? No. It’s not grammar and spelling exercises. It’s practice, modeling after good essays and review. Everything we do in writing club.   I want to show you the proof upfront and here it is:     In […]

Selective School & Scholarship Written Expression Test: 3 Things You Must Avoid Doing!

The Vic Selective School Test is coming up soon on 18 June 2016! This is the main entrance exam to gain entry into the four selective high schools in Victoria being MacRobertson Girls’ High School (MacRob), Melbourne High School (Melb High / Mel High), Suzanne Cory and Nossal. There are two writing tests (creative writing […]

2 Verbal Reasoning Selective School/Scholarship Sample Questions with Detailed Solution – Christmas Themed

Here are two practice verbal reasoning questions that you can do while on school holidays (and in the lead up to Christmas).  Verbal reasoning questions are common in nearly all selective school tests or scholarship exams so it’s a good way to get a little practice for your upcoming test. Here are the questions (below […]

Mathematics Reasoning Selective School/Scholarship Practice Question with Detailed Solution – Santa Style!

Here’s a mathematics practice question with a detailed solution you can do: If Santa had 1 billion presents to deliver within a 24 hour period on Christmas Eve of last year and this year, he had 2% more presents to deliver, how many Christmas presents would he need to deliver this year? a. 20,000,000   […]

Numerical Reasoning Selective School/Scholarship Practice Question with Detailed Solution – Christmas Theme

Because Christmas is fast approaching, we’re going to do Christmas themed practice questions.  There’s four: Numerical reasoning – 1 practice question Mathematics – 1 practice questions Verbal reasoning – 2 practice questions Let’s start with the numerical reasoning practice question: If the number of toy dolls is double that of the number of toy trucks […]

Reading List Over 10 Weeks for Selective School or Scholarship Test Preparation for Year 7 Entry

Reading is a fantastic way to: Build up vocabulary – which helps you for verbal reasoning (part of general ability), reading comprehension and written expression. Model after excellent writing – regular reading of novels by your son and daughter will help them understand and experience first-hand what great writing looks like so that they can […]

Private Schools in Sydney and NSW Offering Scholarships & What’s Tested

There are a number of private schools in Sydney and the NSW area that offer scholarship to students. Scholarship offer students monetary reward (through the reduction of school fees) but it also benefits the school too because by attracting bright students, the results of the schools are more favourable to parents and therefore, it enhances […]