Who prepares selective school and scholarship papers and what are their styles (ACER, Edutest, Academic Assessment Services) like?

There are 3 major selective school and scholarship test preparers in Australia being ACER, Edutest and Academic Assessment Services.  Each of these test paper preparers/creators are detailed below along with what they test in their test papers. (1) ACER aka Australian Council for Educational Research They are one of the largest test paper preparers and […]

5 Time-Busting Tips for Your Child’s Selective School and Scholarship Exams

Selective school and scholarship exams have demanding time limits! Around the 15 – 25 minute mark for a writing piece and around 30 – 40 minutes for a multiple choice test such as mathematics and reading comprehension.  These restrictive time limits mean that when your child is monitoring how much time they’re spending on each […]

The Hard Part in the Selective School Tests and Scholarship Exams is Problem Solving, It’s Not the Curriculum!

Parent: “What part of the school curriculum is important for this test?” and “Do you follow the school curriculum?” Me: “The curriculum isn’t particularly important in this test” and “No”. These are questions that I’ve been getting frequently as parents start organising coaching or tuition for their children in preparation of the selective school and […]

5 Tips on Writing a Persuasive/Argumentative Piece for a Selective School/Scholarship Test

In this post, we’ll go through our top 3 entries for the writing competition and go through what was done well and what needed improvement. I’ll collect them into 5 tips below for how to write a competitive writing piece for the selective and scholarship exams. I’ll also announce the winner of our writing competition […]

What’s the difference between maths and mathematical thinking?

In some selective school and scholarship tests they may test mathematics and then also mathematical reasoning. In general, and from experience with these tests, mathematics is just the knowledge of formulas and whether you are up to date in the knowledge of mathematics that the curriculum for your child’s year level prescribes. For example, if […]