21 Week Study Plan for Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension requires strategies to deal with each type of extract specifically – what does that mean?  It means that in reading comprehension you’re given all these different types of passages such as narrative, poetry, cartoons and more.  To answer them successfully you need to know about the genre and have a plan that caters […]

22 Week Study Plan for Verbal Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning (included in General Ability)

Abstract reasoning is known by other names such as non-verbal reasoning.  It’s tested in General Ability and you can recognise it by its questions that involve distinctive images like this: Additionally, General Ability also tests numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning.  The former test patterns within numbers and the latter tests patterns in words/letters. Verbal Reasoning […]

What’s MacRob or a Selective School Like?

Some people perceive MacRob, Melbourne High or any of the selective schools to be really geeky, full of students with Asian background and all they’re interested is in studying.  Most of this is probably true (as I’m of Asian background, geeky and interested in studying) but I’d like to provide some insight to parents who […]

How Many Words Do I Write in a Written Expression Exam for a Scholarship or Selective School Test?

This is a question I get asked often.  While the quality of your writing is considered over the quantity, this is my opinion on how long/how many words should be in an essay or a writing piece for a selective school exam or scholarship test. NSW Selective Schools High School Placement Test: The test gives […]

Should My Son or Daughter Get a Tutor for the Selective School Test? Well…. that Depends!

When I was preparing for the selective school exam (which had verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, mathematics, creative and analytical writing along with reading comprehension) in Victoria, I went to tuition classes that specialised in the exam only.  Parents often wonder whether tuition is useful and in some circumstances I believe it is… in some others, […]