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Entrance exams are those used for selective schools, scholarships, recruitment to the defence force, police force, PSO and more.

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Vi from Exam Success


    • says

      Hi Neil,

      Thanks for getting in touch! Intensive tutoring really depends on how your son is performing academically at the moment and what is tested in the exam he’s planning to sit for. For example, what grades is he achieving in school? and also, what’s the amount of time prepared to be put into preparation?

      In a very small number of cases and realistically when the benefits (likelihood of being successful) outweigh the disadvantages (workload on the child), I have done one-on-one intensive tuition (1 month to 3 month timeframe), but it has been where the grades are at a B+/A level at school and on assessing their writing first. This is because if there are issues like grammar or spelling in essays, things like that aren’t going to be fixed in say 3 months and intensive tutoring is not done (because it will just add stress without returning the desired result), but if it’s a different issue, say structuring of writing, then that’s is doable. Perhaps as a first step, get your son to do the free assessment: https://www.examsuccess.com.au/courses#free-test-assessment and when sending it through, just note down the school your son will be sitting for and his exam date.

      We did have a child who went through the online course (she did the whole six courses full time with her mum during the December school holidays of last year) and then she was successful in getting a scholarship. But she was already at a high level and was self-directed in learning. I know it’s not a definitive answer, but it’s about what style suits your son best and where he’s at in school now and an assessment would help me see if intensive tutoring is suitable.

  1. Hammad Khan says

    Hi Vi,
    Where are you based?
    Do you take one on one lessons as well? By that i mean 1/2/3 months of coaching to go over Selective/Scholarship exam techniques specifically focused on student’s current skill set?
    Was hoping to have a quick conversation if at all possible?
    Best Regards,

  2. Ami says

    Hi Vi my son is in year 7 and preparing for entrance examof Melb High next year. Please advise if you can give him one o one session or any group tution for English.

  3. Char says

    Hi, I actually want to try out to get into Mac.Rob for year 10 not year 9 as I missed that, would I have to study different things to the year 9 test? If so, what would they be?
    Thankyou so much!

  4. Vicky says

    Hey vi ,could you help me on general ability and maths,it’s me weak point,and also is there a trick to know more words for general ability

  5. Vicky says

    Need help on ga and maths ,any tips or advice?have nailed writing but worried i won’t get in because of this weak point.
    Pls help me,my parents keep urging me to to at least get in fort street high school,I don’t want them to get disappointed 😢😢

  6. Vicky says

    I’ve got a question,does the amount of people that get in depend on how much people participating or is there a certain limit of people .

  7. Vicki says

    I read loads of books,but I don’t seem to improve on my reading comprehension,which I need help on,I’ve tried reading easier books ,but it doesn’t feel like it’s helping,any tips

  8. Hannah says

    How can I improve myself in numerical reasoning? Also how can I get better at spelling? I’m a total bookworm and know lots of words but I can never remember how to spell them.

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